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Our Process

Focussing on UX research methodologies, our iterative approach to digital solutions helps bridge the gap between technology and human-interaction.


Our consultants leverage generative and explanatory research techniques to identify and validate human-centered opportunities.


Leveraging a multitude of prototyping tools and techniques for touch and feel; our consultants can rapidly turnaround functional solutions with low overhead.


Involves collaborative brainstorming and product design, we consider our consultants as left-brain right-brain thinkers who have a 360 view of digital solutions.


Providing user feedback reports through every iteration; our consultants verify product evolution through a multitude of metrics.

Plan for a better Future

Part of our process involves presenting key performance indicators that directly correlate to the success of a project and the User Experience.


75% Decrease in unnecessary web content.


99.995% success rate for migrated data.

Our Specialties

  • Public Sector
  • Telecom
  • Financial Sector

Our consultants have managed and mentored project teams for major clients across a diverse range of industries across the world.  This has given us an appreciation of the nuances that exist in different markets and how to adapt business strategy accordingly.

The Numbers

Specializing in Business Strategy, Architecture, Transformation and Process Improvement across the globe.

Happy Clients

Million Users

Years of Experience

Senior Consultants


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We work with organizations of all sizes requiring web and digital solutions to help power business transformation.  We are highly skilled in web development, software implementations, customizations both frontend and backend.

Do you Offer Long Term Services?

Absolutely.  We work with you to build bespoke pricing and sustainment strategies based on your needs.  From 6 months, to multi-year projects; we are here to help.

What differentiates you?

We have the passion of a startup.  We pride ourselves in an owner-operated hands-on approach to our consultancies.  Our broad exposure to all ends of the software lifecycle give us an edge when it comes to solution delivery.  Contact us today to learn more.

updownleftright brings a wealth of multi-industry consulting experience with proven results.  We are a hands-on team combining user experience methodologies, with statistical validation throughout the entire project lifecycle.  Our ability to adapt to any client environment means we can hit the ground running in any gear.

Contact us today to learn more about our experience and how we can help you.

Our Past Clients

Take a look at previous client projects we have worked with throughout the years.